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Below are some links and videos showing some neat Beach Cruisers and modern technoloy inclulding e-bikes (electric assist and more).

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A quick video of probably the neatest cruiser we have seen... the 1941 Elgin Deluxe.

BASMAN 346 Electric Bike 1000W / 48V

1940 B. F. Goodrich Streamline, made by Schwinn, at the 20th. annual Minnesota Antique & Classic Bicycle Club's swap meet and show in June 2011 held at Penn Cycle in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The incredibly popular Frinton Flyer cruising around the high street and beach of Frinton-on-Sea, Essex.

Jim Turnery has been working with electric bikes since 1996 and is the founder of Optibike which makes high end off road ebikes. In this video he talks about the different battery chemistries out there and how to determine how much power, range and life you can expect. He also discusses ways to prolong the life of electric bike batteries related to temperature and how often you charger them.

Jim Turnery has been working with electric bikes since 1996 and is the founder of Optibike which makes high end off road ebikes. In this video he talks about the different motor configurations including gearless direct drive, geared hub motors and mid drive or center drive to explain how much power, range and life you can expect from each.

The Pedego Tandem Cruiser takes the standard Comfort Cruiser frame and extends it so two people can ride together. Offering good power with a 500 watt motor and 48 volt battery, this thing is capable and can reach 20 miles per hour. The new battery design includes an LED tail light and doesn't require the key to be left in. 

The Top 10 Best Electric Bicycles??

Top 10 Bike Inventions you must have? You decide.

These bike inventions may surprise you....

En este video podéis ver todos los perfiles de la increíble bicicleta eléctrica diabOne, más información en
Electric bicycles Italjet in ECM00 "DiablOne"

Here's a good look at the Juicer 48 electric motorcycle. These are hand made in the Los Angeles area. Top speed is 46 mph, and it has a 13 mile range. I'm not sure if this is an electric bicycle ebike or an electric motorcycle, but it looks great. The designer, Dave Twomey was going for a very retro, primal board track racer look, and he got it right. The Juicer electric motorcycle looks amazing.

E-bike Enorm V2 custom cruiser

Kustom cruiser bicycles with air ride. Chopper bicycle style available. Lowrider beach cruiser. Frame scraping, dragging, the most fun you will have on a bike.  Hmmm.......

The first five kilometer stretch of a new bicycle highway has opened in Germany. Free of vehicles and pedestrians, the new road is set to reduce congestion and make cyclists very happy.

1947 Schwinn Whizzer Model J
1947 Schwinn Whizzer motorized bike. Whizzer announced the Model "J" engine, which had a chrome-plated exhaust pipe and fittings, a new, more-reliable Carter carburetor, and motorcycle-type twist-grip controls. Whizzer sold about 51,000 Model "J" motors at a cost of $97.55.

1947 Schwinn Whizzer Model J
1951 Schwinn Whizzer -- peddles and all!

Electric Lipo Charging Safety - Pretty interesting and worth watching.



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